Resident and Visitor Information

Visiting Hours

St Josephs practices ‘Open Visiting’, and visitors are always welcome, their contribution to the happiness and well-being of the residents is recognised and acknowledged. Good practice and residents' care may necessitate some regulation of visiting, and visitors are normally expected to leave the hospital by 9pm. 

The resident's choice of where the visit takes place will be respected. Visitors can partake in refreshments with their family member at any time. When a resident is ill, special arrangements can be mar with the nurse in charge and a family room is available if the visitor wish to stay overnight.

Visitor’s Responsibilities

  • Use hand hygiene facilities as available when entering and exiting units and the facility.
  • Consider and respect other residents’ needs for rest and privacy.
  • Have consideration for staff doing their job.
  • Be polite and courteous, and comply with any request to leave the resident’s room, to facilitate care.
  • Observe confidentiality – you may see or hear things of a private and confidential nature.
  • Visitors are requested not to visit if personally unwell, e.g. sore throat, flu, have had any symptoms of vomiting or diarrohea, or have had contact with someone with these symptoms within 72 hours.
  • Help keep the environment clean and clutter-free and inform staff of any cleaning concerns.
  • Ensure any visiting children are well behaved and are never left unaccompanied / unattended.
  • Be responsible for the safety and security of your belongings.
  • Comply with isolation policies and signage, especially if visiting multiple residents. When visiting an isolated resident this resident should be the last person visited rather than the first due to possible spread of infection.
  • Refrain from touching dressings, drips, catheters etc.
  • Always enter and exit the through the main entrance doors or as specified.
  • Do not to sit/lie on beds.
  • Do not access unauthorised areas, e.g. kitchens, clinical areas, staff areas.
  • Only use the public toilet facilities.
  • Do not visit while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

 Anti-Social Behaviour

We have zero tolerance for abuse in any form

  • Inappropriate acts of aggression or threatening behaviour either verbal or physical by visitors is not acceptable and the staff will contact the Garda Síochána and those involved in such actions will be asked to leave the premises.
  • CCTV is in operation and the local Garda visit the premises during the day and night and/or required.

Care charges and Financial Affairs

Care charges for St. Joseph’s Community Nursing Unit are based on a legal framework and the Residents Accounts Officer will discuss this financial assessment with you individually.

The HSE has in place Guidelines for the management and safeguarding of monies and valuables which the HSE holds in safekeeping for residents in its care facilities. Residents are encouraged and supported to make their own arrangements regarding the safeguarding of funds and valuables.

Information or any queries regarding inpatient charges or the operation of the HSE Patients Private Property Guidelines may be obtained from the Residents Accounts Officer in St. Joseph’s Community Nursing Unit.