Public Health Nursing North Dublin

There are Public Health Nurses working in every Health Centre in your area, who provide a range of services to people in there homes. The PHN Service offer nurse led developmental screening to all babies between 7–9 months to assess their development and any defects are referred to the Area Medical Officer or GP service. They are often your first point of contact with the HSE, as they visit mothers to check on them and their babies, and provide advice on care, feeding and development. They also provide aftercare to people who have been discharged from hospital and a range of other services.


Community based Ante-Natal Classes given by experienced Public Health Nurses/Midwives.

Five week course  2 hours per morning.

Preparation for third trimester in pregnancy, labour, birth, post-natal period.

Birth partners welcome if possible.


Cost-no charge.

To book a place call (01)8283110

Contact your Public Health Nurse at your local Health Centre.

Next class begining March 3rd