Healthcare Co-operation across EU States

Persons ordinarily resident in Ireland

Planned Treatment Abroad:

Planned treatment abroad is accessed through the HSE Treatment Abroad Scheme (E112/S2) or the HSE Cross Border Directive Scheme.

Necessary Treatment Abroad:

A person's EHIC allows access in this circumstance

Persons no longer ordinarily resident in Ireland (people attached to the Irish Social Security System but living in another EU country)

Where a person is resident in another EU/EEA* member state but remains an insured person in Ireland (e.g. continuing to pay social security in Ireland) they may be entitled to healthcare abroad. (E106/S1, E121/S1).

Details of these forms are available through the HSE Overseas Section Tel: 01 6201816.

Comparison of the Treatment Abroad Scheme (TAS), the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and the Cross Border Directive (CBD):

The Treatment Abroad Scheme, the EHIC and the Cross Border Directive are specific to the provision of healthcare in the EU/EEA*

*Switzerland have yet to complete the process to have the Directive apply to them.