Your Medical Records

Depending on the health care you intend accessing abroad you may need to provide the service abroad with a copy of your current medical record. Make sure you bring a copy of your medical records, information on any medicines you are taking, and any relevant test results. If in doubt check with your referring clinician and/or your accepting clinican abroad as to the information you should bring with you and the format the information should be provided in.

You can ask for a copy of all your personal details by writing to any organisation or person holding these details on a computer or in manual form. Details on the procedures for accessing your medical records are available on the HSE GDPR website. See also the section 'How to request access to your details' on the Data Protection Commissioner website .  Records may be requested in electronic or paper format and there may be a charge for the cost of providing the copies in your chosen format but this is something that must be confirmed with the holder of those records.


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