Mobility Allowance

Conscious of the reports of the Ombudsman regarding the legal status of the Motorised Transport Grant and Mobility Allowance Scheme, in the context of the Equal Status Acts, the Government decided to close both schemes.

Mobility Allowance Scheme

The Government decided that the preparatory work required for a new travel subsidy scheme and associated statutory provisions should be progressed by the Minister for Health.

The Department is seeking a solution which would best meet the aim of supporting people with severe disabilities who require additional income to contribute towards the costs of their mobility needs, while remaining within the available budget and satisfying all legal and equality concerns.

Pending decisions on a new scheme, monthly payments will continue to be made by the Health Service Executive to 4,700 people who were in receipt of the Mobility Allowance at the time that the scheme closed.

Motorised Transport Grant

The Motorised Transport Grant is closed.

Work is ongoing on the policy proposals to be brought to Government for the drafting of primary legislation for a new scheme.

Once policy proposalshave been finalised and approved by Government, the time frame for the introduction of a new scheme will become clearer.