Accessing the Scheme

You may be entitled to access the scheme and avail of treatment in the public healthcare system of another EU/EEA member state or Switzerland where the conditions, criteria and procedures set out below are all adhered to.

Conditions and Criteria
A person ordinarily resident in the Republic of Ireland may be referred abroad by an Irish based consultant for treatment that is:
(a) Among the benefits provided for by Irish legislation and
(b) (i) not available in Ireland or
(ii) not available within the time normally necessary for obtaining it in Ireland, taking account of his/her current state of health and the probable course of the disease.

Please note self referrals or referrals by a G.P. are not acceptable.

An application form must be completed by both the patient and the patient's referring Consultant. The completed application form must be submitted to the HSE for assessment and a decision must be given by the HSE prior to the patient travelling abroad or blood samples being sent abroad. The HSE will not be responsible for any costs associated with a treatment or consultation abroad where prior approval was not given and an E112 was not issued.

Following clinical assessment, medical evidence must be provided by the referring hospital Consultant, giving details of the patient's medical condition, the type of treatment envisaged and the proposed provider of the treatment abroad. A copy of the referral letter to the Consultant outside the state may be sufficient. The referring Consultant having reviewed the patient in the immediately previous two weeks must certify the following:

- They recommend the patient be treated in another EU/EEA country;
- The treatment is medically necessary and will meet the patient's needs;
- The treatment is a proven form of medical treatment and is not experimental or test treatment;
- The treatment is in a recognised hospital or other institution and is under the control of a registered medical practitioner;
- The hospital or other institution accepts form E112 (IE);
- The treatment is not available in Ireland.
- Not available within the time normally necessary for obtaining it in Ireland, taking account of his/her current state of health and the probable course of the disease.

The application and referral letter must be submitted to the HSE TAS Office in sufficient time as to allow assessment and decision prior to the patient travelling abroad. The decision making process is estimated at 15 to 20 working days following the receipt of a fully completed application and suitable referral letter. Only information pertaining to the estimated date for issue of a decision can be provided by TAS office staff. TAS office staff are not permitted to give confirmation of a decision in advance of the issuing of the decision letter to the applicant.

Approval, where granted, is for specific medical treatment as per evidence provided by the referring Consultant and the submission of a completed application form. Requests for additional treatments or associated examinations or consultations which may arise while visiting the foreign facility will not be considered or included in the payment to be made by the HSE. Any costs associated with any such additional treatment, or associated examination or consultation availed of, will be the responsibility of the applicant.

In some cases patients may require subsequent visits to the accepting hospital abroad. Treatments subsequent to that specified in the initial approval will require submission of a new fully completed application form to be processed as outlined above.

Where the decision has been made to decline an application, the patient/applicant is informed of the decision rationale and provided with a copy of the appeals process