Questions & Answers

I am a private patient, can I apply to TAS?

The HSE TAS allows for the referral of public patients to access treatment in the public healthcare system of another EU/EEA member state through the issue of model form E112 (IE).  Therefore referrals of private patients or from private hospital consultants are not eligible for consideration under the HSE TAS.

Private patients should apply to their private health insurance provider in relation to accessing funding towards the cost of treatment abroad.

However, if following an application to your private health insurance provider your request for assistance has been declined you may apply to the TAS and your application will be given consideration.

Does the hospital accept form E112?

The treating hospital abroad must be affiliated with the public healthcare system of the other EU/EEA member state to accept form E112. The Irish based referring consultant must confirm and certify that the hospital you are being referred to accepts form E112 and that your treatment will be provided under form E112. 

What are the logistics of me getting to the hospital abroad?

 The  Treatment Abroad Scheme as provided for in EU Regulations and Department of Health and Children Guidelines, does not include a provision for Travel and or Subsistence expenses for patients or their relatives travelling abroad to avail of approved treatments.  However, the HSE and specifically the TAS may provide assistance towards reasonable economic air or sea travel fares for patients, and a travelling companion where appropriate.

What if the hospital wants to do additional treatment not specified on the E112?

 Approved patients are eligible to receive the planned treatment not available within the state as identified by their Irish based referring consultant. Additional treatment is provided under the patient’s EHIC or at the expense of the patient.

Who is responsible for my care after I am discharged from the hospital abroad?

Once a patient is discharged from a specific episode of care abroad their care immediately reverts to their Irish based consultant. Where a patient may require additional care abroad you should check with the HSE TAS office to determine if further application is required.

What if I need further treatment abroad?

Any decision to refer you abroad is a decision for your Irish treating consultant and not the consultant treating you abroad.  When you finish your episode of care abroad the treating consultant will send a full medical note and care plan to your referring Irish consultant.  Upon receipt of this and in consideration of its contents your treating consultant in Ireland will decide if you require any further care abroad.  If this is necessary your treating Irish consultant in conjunction with you must submit a new application for the further treatment to the TAS.

What about the logistics of travelling abroad – will the TAS assist me with this?

The TAS is an administrative office dealing with applications for funding under the TAS.  It is not the role or function of the TAS to assist patients with travel arrangements etc.  If you are experiencing difficulties with this area of your treatment abroad you should discuss same with your referring Irish consultant who may direct you to the hospital social worker to provide assistance to you.