Group education programmes


The self-management education programme for people with type 2 diabetes delivered in CHE is DISCOVER DIABETES. . This is open to all people with Type 2 diabetes across CHE. Clients can self refer by booking online through the HSE website using the online form.

Diabetes Health Profile form


Weight Management

The group programme for Weight Management in CHE is PHEW (Programme for Healthy Eating and Weight Management).

PHEW is a 6 week programme run by a community dietitian to support clients with a BMI >28kg/m2 who want to lose weight.

Clients may enrol in an upcoming course by ringing 01 2744360. Find out further information on PHEW course content and upcoming courses in CHE on the HSE website.

PHEW poster



A group education programme for people with pre-diabetes is available in CHE. The programme is delivered by a Diabetes Dietitian and Diabetes Nurse and runs over 3 sessions with session 1 and 2 a week apart and a follow-up session 6 months later.

GPs and PN can refer via a form available from All patients referred are entered onto a register and invited for group education. This is open to all people with pre-diabetes across CHE.

See the Pre-Diabetes section for more information.

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