Building a Better GP and Primary Care Service

The HSE is committed to achieving a decisive shift towards stronger, more integrated Primary Care services.

The HSE undertook a series of consultations and engagements to understand ‘what matters most’ to those who use, and those who provide GP care and learn what they would most like to see developed in the future.

Between November 2016 and May 2017, we sought the input of GP service users, patient advocacy groups, current and future GPs, and a wide range of other healthcare professionals working in or close to Primary Care. Combined feedback from over 6,000 people made this one of the largest engagement initiatives undertaken by the HSE.

Research was conducted by Coyne Research on behalf of the HSE and findings are presented in “Research Findings from Service Users and Providers”.

The engagement process involved:

  • one-to-one qualitative interviews;
  • a nationally representative telephone survey;
  • a variety of focus groups; and
  • a public consultation survey.

A second report “A Future Together – Building a Better GP and Primary Care Service” was developed by a team of researchers in Trinity College Dublin. This report examines the international evidence base for enhanced GP and Primary Care services, summarises the findings of the Coyne research, and presents additional feedback from relevant key stakeholders to support the development and negotiation of a new modern GP service for the future in Ireland.

Further detail about the engagement process is provided in the “Research and Engagement Overview”.

These engagements have helped us to deepen our understanding of priorities that will help support an improved GP and Primary Care and GP service in Ireland.

A Future Together – Building a Better GP and Primary Care Service

Research Findings from Service Users and Providers

Research and Engagement Overview

A GP's Perspective