What We Do: DLDOC

DLDOC provides urgent medical care for patients of participating General Practitioners. If you feel you have a medical problem that cannot wait till your doctor's surgery reopens then please contact us.

On phoning for an appointment, your details will be taken by our telephone receptionist. If you have a Medical Card or G.P. Visit Card, please have it with you before you phone as the details are required.

You will then speak to one of our nurses who will be able to advise you as to how best to go about sorting out your problem. They will be able to book you in for an appointment with the doctor in the coop, or advise whether a casualty attendance or home visit from a doctor that night is more appropriate. 

Doctor and patient

The nurses can also offer simple medical advice if they feel that is all that is warranted.

The doctor will see you in the outpatient department in St. Michael's Hospital, Dun Laoghaire. Attendance is by booked appointment and waiting time is usually less than 20 minutes

After your visit, a report will be sent that day, outlining the details of your attendance to your own G.P

If you are unsure whether an injury requires assessment in casualty, we in DLDOC can offer you an expert opinion.  If the doctor in the coop cannot manage your complaint and feels onward referral is required to an Emergency Department, a fee of €70 will cover both the DLDOC attendance and the Emergency Department visit. This is cheaper than the fee for direct Emergency Department attendance

For Medical Emergencies Dial 999 for an ambulance