PHEW weight loss

PHEW - Programme for Healthy Eating and Weight Management

To address the issue of overweight and obesity in our community, weight management programmes are available for those adults who are overweight.

PHEW (Programme for Healthy Eating and weight management) is a free 6 week programme designed for overweight adults and it is run by Community Dietitians in South Dublin and East Wicklow.

What's covered in the course?

  • Healthy eating
  • Portion sizes
  • Reading food labels
  • How to shop wisely
  • Eating Out & Alcohol
  • Becoming more active
  • Achieving realistic weight loss
  • Food and Mood

Programmes are free of charge and take place over 6 weeks for approximately 90 minutes each week.

Comments from participants:

  • Each week was very informative, we covered lots of different aspects of changing eating habits.
  • Interaction with other participants was very helpful to find out “tricks” they used to avoid snacking on unhealthy foods
  • Very helpful, very practical
  • Thank you so much for cutting through all the rubbish and getting back to simple weight loss advice. I was drowning in lots of conflicting advice and losing hope that I would ever get healthy and be a role model. You have given me the tools to help myself get out of the vicious circle and you have given me back hope.
  • Sensible approach to diet and exercise
  • Dietitian was easy to listen to and easy to understand

Upcoming Courses

Unfortunately, due to COVID -19 restrictions, our PHEW programme is suspended at present.

However, if you would like to add your name to our waiting list, please give us a call.

We will then contact you when weight management programmes start back


Community Nutrition & Dietetics, HSE,
Community Healthcare East,
Block B, Civic Centre,
Main St, Bray, Co Wicklow
Ph: 01 2744360

Community Nutrition & Dietetic Service, CHO 6 (Community Healthcare East)

PHEW Newsletter

April PHEW Newsletter - Minding Yourself During COVID-19.pdf (size 201.4 KB)

June PHEW Newsletter Shop Smart During COVID-19 Newsletter_.pdf (size 197.8 KB)

PHEW tipsheets

Be Mindful, It's a New year (PDF)

Lose a stone by Christmas (PDF)

Confused about yoghurts? (PDF)

Low-calorie desserts (PDF)

Picnics (PDF)

Spring has sprung (PDF)

The Benefits of Fibre (PDF)

Physical Activity (PDF)

New Beginnings (PDF)

Halloween (PDF)

Eat, Drink and Stay Slim This Summer (PDF)

Blood Pressure (PDF)

Nutrition: Fact or Fiction (PDF)

Healthy Lunches (PDF)

St Patricks Day Meals (PDF)

Fruity ways (PDF)

Nuts about Halloween (PDF)

Top 10 fibre tips (PDF, size 632.9 KB)

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