XPERT diabetes

DISCOVER DIABETES- Diabetes Programme

The local DISCOVER DIABETES programme is a free six-week (2½ hours a week) group programme to help people with type 2 diabetes look after the condition. You will learn all about the up-to-date treatment and management of diabetes.

The DISCOVER DIABETES programme has been shown to improve people’s diabetes control and knowledge, increase the skills needed to look after diabetes and improve health.

Allowing you to take control of your diabetes! The programme runs in a local community venue several times a year. The programmes runs over six sessions each lasting approximately 2½ hours.

- Session 1: What is diabetes

- Session 2: Weight Management

- Session 3: Carbohydrate Awareness

- Session 4 : Reading Food Labels

- Session 5: Possible complications of Diabetes

- Session 6: Are you an X-PERT?

Enrol for our DISCOVER DIABETES course

For more information or to enrol contact:

Health Promotion Service,
Block B, Civic Centre,
Main St, Bray, Co Wicklow
Ph: 01 2744360