Nutrition Information

To learn more about the Community Nutrition & Dietetic service in South Dublin.

For more nutrition information on medical conditions visit the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute website.

Healthy eating newsletters


Spring has sprung

The Benefits of Fibre

Physical Activity

New Beginnings

Tips on How to achieve a healthy affordable food trolley this Christmas!



Eat, Drink and Stay Slim This Summer

Nutrition fact or fiction

Healthy Lunch




St Patricks Day


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Infant resources

All the below resources are available for download or free delivery from :


Preparing babies bottle

Vitamin D for infants

Starting to Spoonfeed your baby

Healthy Eating for Pregnancy


Drinks for Babies 0-12 months

La Leche League Ireland provide support for Breastfeeding mothers in your local area. For more information see

Food Pyramid

Your Guide to Healthy Eating Using the Food Pyramid

A2/A3/A4 Childrens food pyramid poster

Childrens food pyramid stickers

Childrens Health Weight Resources

Little Steps

Eat Smart Move More

Overweight and Obesity - talking to children

Teenagers - Fuel your body

Lunch and Snacks

Smart Food – Eating well during exam time

Healthy Lunchboxes

Building a Healthy Lunchbox

Lon Slaintiuil a reiteach

Click here for more information on the Community Nutrition & Dietetic Service in South Dublin/East Wicklow