Blanchardstown Hospital Society

The Blanchardstown Hospital Society was formed in 1997 as a limited company with charitable status and is the official fundraising body for Connolly Hospital.  The Society Board consists of professionals both internal and external who assist Connolly Hospital in directing, organising and implementing the fundraising efforts of the Society. The aim of the Blanchardstown Hospital Society is to inspire and enable fundraising and financial support from the hospital and community to develop services within Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown and promote exceptional patient care.  

One of the reasons for establishing the Blanchardstown Hospital Society was to encourage active involvement of staff, community, and the corporate sector in Connolly Hospital’s service.  The hospital’s role is to provide the highest quality service to patients and we believe that patient, staff, and community participation is essential to effectively achieve this aim. 

The Blanchardstown Hospital Society is deeply grateful to the many caring individual, families, communities and companies who over the past 17 years have reached out to us and played a role in enhancing patient care initiatives in Connolly Hospital.  A number of areas in the hospital have benefited from our fundraising including, radiology, cardiology, cancer services, diabetes and care of the elderly services.


Eamon Leen
Chairman / Director