Orthopaedics Department Details: Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown


The orthopaedic physiotherapy department commonly treat:
• Fractures, e.g. fractured ankle
• Traumatic injuries e.g. following a fall
• Following elective surgery, e.g. total hip replacement
• Degenerative conditions, e.g. osteoarthritic knee joint
• Soft tissue injuries, e.g. frozen shoulder

Access is via referral from one of the four orthopaedic surgeons, or from other hospitals.

Inpatient service:
This service primarily assists patients following an operation or procedure to enable independent mobility upon discharge home. Your treatment may include gait and mobility re-education, mobility aid provision, brace or orthosis provision, exercise prescription and patient education. Treatment may occur at either ward or gym level as appropriate.

Outpatient service:
Treatment varies depending on your condition, including manual therapy, exercise prescription, patient education and a wide range of modalities; patients may also be referred into one of our classes. Treatment duration varies from 30 minutes to an hour.
Physiotherapists are also involved in weekly outpatient fracture clinics.


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