Connolly Patient Council

The Connolly Hospital Patient Council was formed in December 2009.

The overall objective in setting up the Council was to improve the services offered to the people of the catchment area through consultation with the patient or their representative. 

The Council consists of 5 volunteer members of the public.  It is envisaged that these should finally be fifteen in number as per the Terms of Reference but ‘its quality and not quantity’ at present with the option of looking out for new members.  They were recruited through advertising (posters and pamphlets), local newspaper article and word of mouth.  The men and women of the council are extremely dedicated individuals who have given their time to inform and contribute (from a patient perspective) to the hospital’s efforts in providing a patient centred healthcare service.

It is hoped to achieve an improved understanding of the needs of the service user from listening to these volunteers, to their experiences and to their ideas.  It is an opportunity for them as ‘sponsors’ to exchange information and opinions on the type of/and quality of services they would like to see delivered at Connolly.  No doubt they will question why some services need to discontinue or some change beyond recognition. 

These people have a wide breath of knowledge and recruiting them as a panel provides a sounding board for new ideas and an opportunity to deliberate and test opinion on an ongoing basis.  Feedback from them will be invaluable with mechanisms in place to ensure (where appropriate) that this feedback is reported back up along the line.  However this feedback will not always necessarily be positive and the hospital must be ready to comply with some of the Council’s ideas for improvement. 

Management is extremely supportive of the Council.  Meetings have and will take place every quarter.

So onward and upward!.  Patient Participation is the way to go.  Connolly Hospital Management wish the Council the best of luck and thank them for volunteering their precious time to a very important job. 

If you wish to volunteer for our patient council please contact our Patient Services Officer on 6465174  or