Patient Safety

Patient Safety

On admission we will check your personal details and next of kin, please help us to ensure we have the correct details and contact numbers.  You will be required to wear a identify bracelet throughout your stay.


In the event of a fire, all persons in the area must strictly adhere to the instruction of the most senior person in charge and they will advise if the ward should be evacuated.  You should familiarise yourself with all fire exits in your ward.  If you are unsure where they are, ask a member of staff.

Permission to leave the hospital during your stay must be granted by your hospital doctor.  Inform the nurse if you wish to leave the ward.


Please ensure you wear non-slip shoes or slippers when out of bed.  If you feel dizzy, light headed or unsteady when walking please call your nurse for assistance.  For more information on fall prevention please see the hospital leaflets.

Medication Safety

On admission please ensure you tell your doctor about any medication you are taking.  Please arrange for any of your own tablets to be taken home.

The nurses wear red aprons when they are administrating medication, please only disturb them if it is a urgent matter.

Anti-Social Behaviour

We will not accept aggressive or threatening behaviour towards staff, other patients or visitors.  Should a such a situation occur, security will be called.

Infection Prevention

All staff, patients and visitors should perform hand hygiene when they enter the ward/room and when they leave it.

No items are to be stored on the floor; personal items must be stored in the bedside locker or be taken home.

On occasion we may have to move you to a different room or ward please co-operate with staff if requested to transfer in order to facilitate other patients.


We are a tobacco free campus, smoking tobacco or an electronic cigarette is not permitted on the hospital campus including the grounds.

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