Health Promotion

Louth County Hospital is a full member of the W.H.O. Health Promoting Hospital project.  The World Health Organisation’s Health Promoting Hospital (HPH) project 1988, set out to improve the quality of care by supporting the provisions of health promotion, disease prevention and rehabilitation activities in hospitals.  This includes a focus on health not only on curative services but with a holistic approach and also the integration of health promotion in all its aspects of the organisation-services, work place and the hospital/community links.  The hospital is committed to health promotion and aspire to achieve the aims of a health promotion hospital which are:

To make the hospital a more effective agent for individuals (staff, patients and members of the public) by implementing the comprehensive vision of HPH.

To transform the hospital by integrating wider HP strategic and quality criteria into hospital governance.

To empower patients for healthy lives by enhancing the supportiveness of health care systems and to contribute to developing health promoting communities.

To contact the Health Promotion Department contact the hospital switchboard on 042 9334701/5

Speciality Areas:      Smoking Cessation Service