St. Luke's General Hospital Carlow/Kilkenny

St. Luke's General Hospital
Freshford Road

Tel:  (056) 778 5000 
Fax: (056) 772 1149

General Manager - Ms Anne Slattery
Director of Nursing - Ms Helen Butler
Clinical Director - Prof. Garry Courtney

Welcome to St. Luke's General Hospital. We are a large acute hospital in Kilkenny City which provides acute healthcare services to the people of Carlow and Kilkenny.
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St. Luke's General Hospital New Building Launch 2015


Patient Partnership Forum

St. Luke's General Hospital Patient Partnership Forum is made up of service users, hospital management, administration and clinical staff and representatives from various stakeholder groups in the Carlow/Kilkenny areas. The forum was established to facilitate service users and relevant stakeholder groups to become actively and genuinely involved in the design and delivery of services in St. Luke's General Hospital. It provides a communication channel between the hospital and our service users and the wider community.

For further information, please click here.  If you or your group would like to get involved, please contact Irene Bergin, Quality Office, on 056-7785004 or

Feedback and Complaints

National Guidelines on Accessible Health and Social Care Services

The HSE has published new guidelines to give practical guidance to all health and social care staff about how they can provide accessible services to patients and clients with disabilities. The guidelines aim to enable staff to effectively and competently deal with issues arising from a person's disability.

St. Luke's General Hospital Maternity Unit

Advice for Mothers following birth - This is a special time for you and your family.  Getting used to life with your new baby can be challenging and exhausting.  Your body is going through a lot of changes and this is a time to nurture both yourself and your baby. This booklet is designed to give you information and advice on caring for yourself in the weeks and months following birth.

Maternity Patient Safety Statements

Maternity Patient Safety Statements have been published for each of the country’s 19 maternity hospitals and units. Each Hospital Group and Maternity Hospital will publish an updated statement each month.

The objective in publishing these statements is to provide public assurance that maternity services are delivered in an environment that promotes open disclosure.  It is intended that reporting in an honest and open way helps build trust and improves clinical performance and the culture of safety.

The Maternity Patient Safety Statement contains information on 17 metrics covering a range of clinical activities, major obstetric events, modes of delivery and clinical incidents.

While all maternity hospitals collect a large range of information and data on an ongoing basis, these particular metrics have been selected on the basis that they are clinically robust, relevant and underpinned by standardised definitions.

The statements will also inform hospital management in carrying out their role in safety and quality improvement. It is intended that they will act as an early warning mechanism for issues that require local action or any issues that need intervention at Hospital Group or national level.

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