Tipperary University Hospital

E91 VY40

Useful Phone Numbers
Main Hospital Number: 052 6177000
Main Fax Number: 052 6177196
Outpatients Appointments: 052 6177061
X-Ray Appointments:  052 6177075 / 052 6177076
Patient Accounts: 052  6177006

Tipperary University Hospital located in Clonmel provides acute general and maternity services.  The hospital serves the catchment area of South Tipperary and also provides services to patients residing in North Tipperary and West Waterford.  The hospital also provides obstetric outreach clinics in both Thurles and Tipperary Town.

Tipperary University Hospital is an INAB Accredited Blood Transfusion Testing Laboratory. Reg No 227MT

Primary Sample Collection Manual (PDF, 2.16 MB, 69 pages)

Visiting arrangements at Tipperary University Hospital

The following are TippUH visiting arrangements:

  •  Visiting at TippUH is permitted between 2pm – 4pm and 6.30pm – 8.30pm. No visiting is allowed outside of these hours unless in exceptional circumstances by prior arrangement with the ward/department manager. Please note that you will be asked to leave the clinical area if you attend outside of the hospitals visiting hours. 
  • Patients in all ward areas are permitted visitors unless there is a known outbreak in a clinical area and this may result in temporary restricted visiting at ward level 
  • Two visitors permitted at each bedside (in the event that a third visitors comes to the patient’s bedside earlier visitors are requested to leave) 
  • Members of the public who are unwell are asked not to visit patients.
  •  Visits should be short – approximately an hour but should be appropriate to the needs of the patient. 
  •  Children should not visit the hospital unless in exceptional circumstances and by prior approval of the ward/department manager. 

Visiting to the Paediatric ward

  • 1 parent/guardian/nominated person at a time may visit
  •  Visiting to the Paediatric ward is permitted outside of the times outlined above
  •  No children are allowed to visit except in exceptional circumstances as approved by the ward manager

Visiting to Maternity

  • Partners/nominated support person can attend the labour ward with the woman either via the front door or ED.
  • As per National Guidelines, the partner/nominated support person can be with the woman from 8-9 pm. In the event of a woman labouring into the evening/night/overnight, the partner/support person can be present if desired. The partner/support person can be with the woman until she is transferred back to the ward post-delivery.
  • It is preferred that the partner/nominated support person would not swop with another person.
  • Partners/nominated support persons are facilitated at the booking scan, anomaly scan, or any other visit that may involve communication of particular emotional significance.
  • Partners/nominated support persons are welcome to attend the booking appointment, however due to space constraints, on occasion after the initial scan they may be asked to wait in the foyer on the ground floor.


  •  Visiting in the special care baby unit is facilitated for the mother and partner/nominated support person. All visits can be arranged with the staff in that area, all visits are not time limited. Visiting to SCBU maybe limited if the area is extremely busy. Parents of babies who have been discharged, are encouraged to call SCBU at the start of a day and plan their visits with the staff. All visits will be facilitated.

Emergency Department

  • There is no visiting allowed in the Emergency Department

Patient & Visitor Information Booklet

Read or download the Tipp UH Patient & Visitor information April 2022 (PDF, size 4.5 MB, 16 pages)

Feedback and Complaints

Maternity Patient Safety Statements

Maternity Patient Safety Statements have been published for each of the country’s 19 maternity hospitals and units. Each Hospital Group and Maternity Hospital will publish an updated statement each month.

The objective in publishing these statements is to provide public assurance that maternity services are delivered in an environment that promotes open disclosure.  It is intended that reporting in an honest and open way helps build trust and improves clinical performance and the culture of safety.

The Maternity Patient Safety Statement contains information on 17 metrics covering a range of clinical activities, major obstetric events, modes of delivery and clinical incidents.

While all maternity hospitals collect a large range of information and data on an ongoing basis, these particular metrics have been selected on the basis that they are clinically robust, relevant and underpinned by standardised definitions.

The statements will also inform hospital management in carrying out their role in safety and quality improvement. It is intended that they will act as an early warning mechanism for issues that require local action or any issues that need intervention at Hospital Group or national level.

Maternity Patient Safety Statements 

Hospital Patient Safety Indicator Reports

New 'Keep in Touch' Service

Tipperary University Hospital has launched a ‘Keep in Touch’ email service for patients and families.

It will enable family and friends to keep in contact with patients during their hospital stay. As a result of Covid-19, strict visiting restrictions remain in place. The new email service will be managed by the Quality Department and will be available from Monday to Friday.

Family members can send messages to the hospital via email or post, the hospital team will print and deliver the message to the patient within 24 hours. Any letters received over the weekend or on public holidays will be delivered to patients on the next working day.

Family and friends can email a message or letter to the dedicated ‘Keep in Touch’ email address: stgh.keepintouch@hse.ie.

Those availing of the service are asked to include the patient's full name, ward name (if known) and the first line of patient’s home address in the subject line of the email.

Tipperary University Hospital Antenatal & Postnatal Classes 

Welcome to Tipperary University Hospital Antenatal & Postnatal Classes (currently all online)

At present we provide 3 different sets of classes for early pregnancy (13-20 weeks), later in pregnancy (35 weeks onwards) and post partum (any time in the first 12-20 weeks).

Pregnancy Wellness (for early pregnancy)

This is a one-off 2 hour class on Tuesdays once a month from 2pm-4pm and focuses on keeping yourself and your baby well during pregnancy through healthy diet, exercise and maintaining your pelvic health among other topics.

4 Week Antenatal Classes (later in pregnancy)

This class runs for 4 weeks each month on Thursdays from 3pm-5.30pm and focuses on preparation for birth and parenting. We cover topics including reducing your chances of a perineal tear, how partners can support the birthing person, what to expect in hospital during labour, recovery after birth and feeding and caring for your newborn baby.

Book Antenatal Classes Online

Available classes will be shown on the website as we put them up so please keep an eye on the page if there isn’t a class that suits you just now.

Post Natal Classes

This is a one-off physiotherapy class after your baby is born focusing on recovery after birth. This class is currently booked directly through the physiotherapy department on 0526177058

Please note – we welcome you to our classes at any stage of your pregnancy or post partum, the recommendation given for the stage of pregnancy to attend are a guide to when most people generally like to attend but you know your circumstances best so feel free to book in for a time that suits you.

Useful Information

Pregnancy and birth

Keeping well during pregnancy