Finance Department: UL Hospitals

Hugh Brady - Finance Introduction
Hugh Brady,
Group CFO, UL Hospitals

“Welcome to the Finance section of the ULH website. Here in finance, as well as fulfilling our traditional roles of reporting and financial governance, we have developed our function to support front line care workers, who are in the best position to make informed choices, to enhance the delivery of our services, empowering these staff to make decisions to use our financial resources as effectively as possible.”

Mission Statement

To provide timely, accurate, clear and complete information to enhance decision making and support best practice to improve financial management across the University Limerick Hospitals.

  • We will ensure that we use the resources available to us to get the best possible outcomes for our service users.
  • We will educate our staff regarding the cost of the services that we provide so as to promote the effective use of our resources.
  • We will get the best possible value for money when sourcing goods or services.

Structure of the Finance Department

The configuration of the finance department is aligned with the ULH Clinical Directorate structure:

  1. Medical Directorate
  2. Peri-operative (Surgical) Directorate
  3. Maternity & Child Directorate
  4. Diagnostics Directorate

While finance continues to provide its traditional role of financial governance, we have evolved into a decision-support function. We have developed zero based devolved budgeting that allows front line care workers to manage their resources. Each of the Directorates has dedicated financial support that provides financial and management accounting services. This service includes ongoing support regarding activity costings, projections, performance monitoring and education.

ULH is structured so that ICT form part of this department. This has allowed Finance to develop our IT systems to support our clinical staff.

Key responsibilities of the Finance Department include:

  • Financial Planning, Budgeting and reporting to the Hospital Board and the Executive Management Team.;
  • Financial Management support to frontline budget holders within the Clinical Directorates;.
  • Preparing accounts and performance reports are prepared for inclusion in the HSE area and National documents;
  • Implementation of Financial Controls across all pillars of hospital expenditure;.
  • Standardisation of processes in Non-Pay Expenditure to ensure best value for money for the UL Hospitals;.
  • Compliance with Statutory and HSE requirements and regulations across the group;.
  • Management of HIPE (Hospital Inpatient Enquiry) and preparation of annual Speciality costing return;.
  • Preparation of the annual budget and performance monitoring down to ward level. 
  • Provision of daily operations to support the UL Hospitals; Accounts Payable, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, including patient income.  There are direct billing arrangements with the major private insurance companies.

Contact Details

Ph: (061) 482800

Office Hours: 9.00 am – 5.30pm

Postal Address:

Finance Department
3rd Floor
Nurses Home
University Hospital Limerick

Title Name Phone Email
Group CFO, UL Hospitals Mr. Hugh Brady 061 - 482453 Email
Group Head of Compliance & Audit Mr. John Cowhey 061 - 482790 Email
Financial Accountant & Diagnostics Directorate Mr. Tadhg Murnane 061 - 482313 Email
Management Accountant & Medical Directorate Ms. Joanne McNamara 061 - 485173 Email
Management Accountant & Surgical Directorate Mr. David Frawley 061 - 485147 Email
Management Accountant & Maternity and Child Directorate Ms. Eileen Brosnan 061 - 482649 Email
Finance Operations Manager Ms. Patricia Treacy 061 - 482114 Email
Accounts Receivable - Patient Accounts   061 – 482115  
Accounts Receivable - Non Patient Accounts   061 - 482140  
Accounts Payable - Vendor Queries   061 - 482650 Email
Payroll - Query Desk   061- 485083 Email


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