Human Resources

Human Resources provides a comprehensive HR service to UL Hospitals.   Our model of service is to provide a service that is flexible, sustainable and responsive to the changing needs of the organisation and environment.  The Directorate is made up of individuals with wide-ranging experience, strengths and skills.

The work of the HR Department covers five key areas:

  1. Employee Relations
  2. General & Nursing Recruitment
  3. Medical Re-sourcing Department
  4. Performance & Development
  5. SAP

Employee Relations

Our Employee Relations department provides a range of services, including advice and support to managers and on the application of various HSE policies and Procedureprocedures, and terms and conditions of employment. The processing of the various staff leaverequests, incremental credit and sick pay schemesis also the responsibility of the Employee Relations Department. The employeeEmployee relations Relations department Department is also responsible for the implementation of National national Agreements agreements and support to managers through such changes.

General & Nursing Recruitment

Our recruitment Recruitment department Department is responsible for coordinating the Recruitment recruitment of Staff staff for UL Hospitals.   Our aim is to attract and retain talented individuals and to provide a world class healthcare service to our patients. This department links with the National Recruitment Service and more recently has been responsible for the full recruitment process for the new Graduate Nurse Scheme.

Medical Re-sourcing Department

The Medical Re-sourcing department is responsible for the administration of the medical staffing for UL Hospitals. This includes the recruitment, induction and monitoring of annual leave and other terms and conditions for Medical medical staff.

Performance & Development

UL Hospitals provide a wide range of training courses for staff to ensure their continuing professional  development. The department is also responsible for the updating of staff records to ensure that the attendance at training programmes ran by the department are recorded and monitored. The Performance and Development unit isare also responsibility responsibile for the monitoring of compliance with the Managing Attendance policy around return to workmeeting.


The SAP department is responsible for the inputting of time data for staff working in the UL Hospitals. This is required to be done in a timely manner to ensure that payroll deadlines are met.

Contact Details

  • Josephine Hynes, Group Director of Human Resources, 061 482787

Employee Relations Department 

  • Breda Barry, Department Manager, 061 482279
  • Joanne O’Donoghue, 061 482399
  • Carmel Mulcahy, 061 482693

General & Nursing Recruitment Department 

  • Cepta Hanley, Department Manager, 061 482659
  • Kathleen McHugh, 061 482695

Medical Re-sourcing Department  

  • Lorraine Rafter, Department Manager,  061 482040
  • Majella Hogan, 061 482541
  • Rosemary Cullen, 061 482553
  • Ruth McGuinness, 061 482786
  • Anne Allis, 061 482694

Performance & Development Department  

  • Anne-Marie Kennedy, Department Manager, 061 482030
  • Anne Kerwin Meaney, 061 482643
  • SAP Department , 061 485082
  • Lorraine Clohessy, 061 485082
  • Kieran Walsh, 061 485083

HR Training Prospectus

  • Site Corporate Induction
  • Manual Handling (Practicle)
  • Customer Care Excellence
  • Freedom of Information /Data Protection
  • Your Service, Your Say
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Fire/Evacuation Training
  • Fire Marshal Training
  • People Management/ Legal Framework
  • Attendance Management
  • Dignity at Work & Trust in Care
  • Return to work coaching
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Team Based Performance Management.