Statement of Mission, Vision and Values

The strategic plan of any organisation needs to reflect that organisation's mission, vision and values.

  • An organisation's mission is a broad, general statement of its reason for existence.
  • The vision describes the goal to which the organisation aspires.
  • The values underpin and support the organisation's vision and mission.

They are a set of beliefs and principles that guide the organisation's work. They define the 'culture' of the organisation and reflect its ethos and philosophy. Our values govern our attitudes and behaviour towards all of those with whom we have professional contact.

Statements of mission, vision and values for UL Hospitals were drafted by a working group convened by the CEO and then circulated to all UL Hospitals staff. They were modified in the light of feedback received and have subsequently been approved by the CEO, by the UL Hospitals Executive Management Team and by the UL Hospitals Board. The statements are as follows:

Our Mission

We will work together in a respectful, caring and professional way to deliver the best possible patient experience in a safe and clean environment and in the most effective and efficient way possible. We commit to achieving this every day.

Our Vision

To be a valued, trusted and leading provider of excellence in healthcare which is patient-centred, clinically-integrated, team-based and research-driven.

Our Values

Caring, courteous and professional.