Quality and Patient Safety at UL Hospitals

The role of Quality & Patient Safety Services is to provide leadership and support UL Hospitals in delivering on its objective of providing high-quality and safe services to patients and service users and embed a culture of continuous improvement.  This is enabled through collaboration with Directorates and Shared Services in determining and defining systems and processes for quality and patient safety.  A culture of Quality and Patient Safety is the responsibility of all staff, suppoerted and led by the Department. The key commitments for the service are:

  • Standardising processes, procedures and guidelines required for quality and safe care based on best practice.
  • Strengthen the culture for development of quality improvements within UL Hospitals.
  • Use validated data to monitor quality improvements
  • Develop and implement patient focus and service-user participation.
  • Develop structures for sharing of information to enable learning from incidents to avoid reoccurrence.
  • Provide organisational assurance through the undertaking of healthcare audits.
  • Leadership role in supporting full and sustainable implementation of the National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare.

Quality improvement involves the combined and unceasing efforts of everyone to make changes that will lead to better patient experience, better system performance and better professional development.  These commitments will be developed and progressed through collaboration with other Services and Directorates.

The national standards provide a framework for continuous improvement in the quality and safety of services. They place a focus on person-centred care and place service-users at the centre of all planning, design and delivery of care by service providers.  They also provide a description of high-quality, safe healthcare and identify capacity and capability factors which service providers require to organise, manage and deliver safe, reliable services. 

The provision of quality and risk management as an integrated approach in conjunction with Quality & Patient Safety Managers  in each Directorate, Quality Nurse Manager, Patient Advocacy Liaison Service and Clinical audit ensures that the  expertise, advice and support to build a culture of patient safety which supports and promotes incident reporting, investigation and management and the development of quality improvements is progressive and strong within UL Hospitals.