Patient Advocacy Liaison

UL Hospitals has introduced a Patient Advocacy Liaison service and recently appointed a Patient Advocacy Liaison Manager, Ms Miriam McCarthy.

The purpose of the Patient Advocacy Liaison Manager is to develop and implement a Patient Advocacy Liaison programme that is open and easy to access, that is fair and independent, that is responsive to patients needs and that is open to learning and development.  It is a significant role within UL Hospitals. The Patient Advocacy Liaison Manager will be tasked with implementing a service that advocates between the healthcare facility and the patient. It incorporates being a central focus for patients including but not exclusive; the safeguarding of patients, the empowerment of patients to ensure their voice is heard, either through themselves or by someone on their behalf and provide services for patients that make their stay with us more user friendly including chaplaincy services, interpreting services, Volunteers, and complaints.

Contact Details

Ms. Miriam McCarthy

Patient Advocacy Liasion Services,
University Hospital Limerick,

Tel: 061 482448