Surgical Day Unit

We, at Ennis University, have taken great pride in the expansion of our surgical directorate – in particular the vast diversity of services now available in the surgical day unit.

Our surgical day unit was given an extensive makeover almost eighteen months ago.  It is a welcoming, bright, airy and spotlessly clean open plan unit, led by unit manager Brid Collins and a team of 4 staff nurses with interaction of the hospitals multidisciplinary team.  Brid Canny ADON is the overall lead of the surgical directorate in Ennis University Hospital chairing weekly meetings between all areas of the surgical directorate, pre-op assessment, admissions co-ordinator, day unit, theatre, endoscopy unit with John Doyle Directorate Manager also present.

Within the day unit our services are vast and varied.  Specialities include Gynaecology, Colorectal, Dermatology, Urology, Dentistry, General Max/Fax, Vascular and Plastics and hopes are that we will expand further in the near future.

Over the last year there have been developments to increase nurse led services within the Day Ward to include Urology and Venosection.

Urology services

Urology services in Ennis have received a boost with the planned introduction of a new nurse led initiative.

Currently patients are reviewed for trial of micturition with removal of urinary catheter and following on from one month of training on sample patient numbers, our aim is to develop a nurse led service for Uroflowmetry on referred patients from our Urologist Mr. Akram’s OPD clinic and cystoscopy list.

Our newly acquired equipment allows for speedier diagnosis for these Urology patients, ensuring cost effective treatment thus reducing patient hospital visits for a greater number of patients.

We also offer a service for change of urinary catheter, Instillation of Intravesicle BCG, and teaching patients self intermittent catheterisation.

We evaluate and assess these services developments via education days linking closely with the Urology team.

Venosection Clinic

We also run a nurse led venosection clinic under the clinical direction of Ms M Skelly Gastroenterologist. We have had increased activity in this Clinic in recent times

We aim to develop our competencies so that we can work closely with the Surgical and Medical teams to deliver quality patient care.