Pharmacy Department: Ennis Hospital

The Pharmacy Department provides and oversees the use of medicines prescribed in Ennis Hospital. This role- known as medicines management - encompasses coordinating procurement, supply and review of patient’s prescriptions.

The Pharmacy Department provides a service Monday-Friday inclusive.

Services provided

The range of services provided by the Department includes:

  • Dispensary services– Involves the procurement, stock management and distribution of a range of pharmaceuticals delivered in a prompt, safe and cost-effective manner. In addition, the dispensary provides a limited dispensing service to out-patients.
  • Medicines information– The Department participates in a number of committees within UL Hospitals. These include the Drugs & Therapeutics Committee, where delivery of accurate and comprehensive information promotes the safe and economical use of medicines. Healthcare professionals within the hospital receive up-to-date information on medication for individual patient care on request.
  • Antimicrobial services– This service promotes the appropriate use of antimicrobials throughout the hospital. Ensures adherence to policy and cost-effective prescribing of these agents.
  • Clinical pharmacy– At ward level, the Pharmacy Department monitors prescriptions to promote safe, effective and economical use of medicines. We provide advice on drug interactionsand counsel patients if required on how best to use their medicines.
  • Education – Staff are involved in outpatient education programmes, including Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Bone Health Classes

Contact Details

Ennis Hospital (UL Hospitals)
Co. Clare.

Tel: 065-6863177
Fax: 065-6863144