Department of Gastroenterology: Nenagh Hospital

The gastroenterology service in Nenagh consist of endoscopy services, general medical clinics with a special focus on GI (gastrointestinal infections), Inflammatory Bowel Disease Service, Infusion Centre and a drop-in inflammatory bowel disease nursing clinic.

Patients receiving all non-oncology infusions across the Mid-West attend the Infusion Centre in Nenagh, which has been in operation for almost 6 years.

The IBD nursing servicecares for patients with these debilitating conditions across the Mid-West area. 

Rapid Access to specialist nursing and medical care in the event of a relapse of the patient’s conditionhas been successfully provided to patients for the past 10 years.

(l-r) Peggy Eviston Staff Nurse Surgical Day Ward, Christine Gallagher Multitask Attendant, Damien Butterley Endoscopy Unit Attendant, Deirdre Kiely CNM2 Surgical Day Ward, Dr Manus Moloney Consultant Gastroenterologist, Celia Dwan CNM2 Endoscopy Unit, Deirdre McGuire Staff Nurse Endoscopy Unit.(l-r) Peggy Eviston, Staff Nurse Surgical Day Ward, Christine Gallagher, Multitask Attendant, Damien Butterley, Endoscopy Unit Attendant, Deirdre Kiely, CNM2 Surgical Day Ward, Dr Manus Moloney, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Celia Dwan, CNM2 Endoscopy Unit, Deirdre McGuire, Staff Nurse Endoscopy Unit.