Pulmonary Function Testing and Sleep Studies: Respiratory Medicine

Pulmonary Function Testing and Sleep Studies

The University Hospital Limerick has a fully functioning pulmonary function lab. The PFT lab provides a wide range of tests to both inpatient and outpatients; tests include basic pulmonary function tests, cardio pulmonary exercise tests, bronchial provocation tests, resting O2 sats and overnight oximetry, 6 minute walk tests and respiratory muscle strength testing (MIP/MEPS). In May 2013, a new pulmonary function lab opened in the Mid western Regional Hospital Ennis, Ennis is currently operating this service every Wednesday with the intention to expand the service in the near future. Our lab in Nenagh is under construction and will open soon. 

In addition to pulmonary function testing we also provide a sleep service in limerick, Ennis and Nenagh. Presently we carry out four inpatient overnight diagnostic and CPAP titration sleep studies per week in Limerick, two per week in Ennis and eight per week in Nenagh. Sleep studies measure oxygen levels, pulse rate, chest and abdomen effort, oral and nasal airflow, snoring, position, limb movement and activity levels. With an estimated 4% of the population suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea, sleep studies are an integral part of the respiratory service. In the near future the respiratory unit hopes to set up day time sleep service to evaluate people with narcolepsy.