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Physiotherapy Department: Nenagh Hospital

The physiotherapy department in Nenagh Hospital provides a variety of services to both inpatients and outpatients.

Services include:

Staff Our physiotherapy staff work closely with medical, nursing and other allied health staff in the hospital and in the community. We aim to provide safe and effective physiotherapy care based on evidence evidence-based practice and research. Members of staff have completed Masters in physiotherapy and hold additional qualifications in the areas of manual therapy, manual handling and women’s health. Staff also have a special interest in the area of Pulmonary and Cardiac rehabilitation and falls prevention. The department enjoys it’s role in the provision of undergraduate training for physiotherapy students from the University of Limerick.


The physiotherapy department is on the ground floor of the hospital at the end of the left corridor just past the Local Injury Unit and X-ray.

Opening Hours

The physiotherapy department is open for appointments and enquiries Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00 and offers lunchtime appointments. As there are not always clerical staff to answer calls, please leave a message on answering machine service stating clearly your name and a daytime contact number.

Contact Details

Phone number: 067 42300/ 067-31491 ext 122.

Inpatient physiotherapy

Patients are referred for inpatient physiotherapy by the medical team and are generally seen on the same day that the referral is received.

Patients with respiratory (breathing) problems receive assistance to clear secretions, education on management of breathlessness and advice on how to improve exercise tolerance.

Rehabilitation, either on the ward or in the physiotherapy department is provided for patients presenting with a variety of medical problems which may cause decreased mobility and independence.

Patients who are at risk of falls or have had a previous fall are assessed and provided with advice and aids to reduce the risk of further falls. Their individual mobility is progressed whilst they are in hospital and they are then referred on to the Falls Prevention Programme, which is run jointly by the hospital and primary care physiotherapists and other allied health professionals.

Where necessary, patients are given follow follow-up outpatient physiotherapy appointments for continuation of rehabilitation/ treatment on discharge.

If necessary we patients are referred to other services on discharge i.e. community physiotherapy or other allied health professionals.

Post-operative physiotherapy

Nenagh Hospital has 4 visiting Orthopaedic Consultants who perform day surgery for clients. Surgery may include knee arthroscopy, shoulder injection/manipulation, removals of pins, carpal tunnel release etc.

The physiotherapy department provides immediate post op physiotherapy care to these clients.

Local injury triage

The physiotherapy department provides a Local Injuries Unit (LIU) triage service to clients referred. Weprovide crutches, walking aids, knee braces, ankle boots, wrist splints, etc as required.

We work closely with the LIU team to provide the most appropriate treatment to those referred and will review again and continue treatment as required or refer on to other services that may be needed.

Rheumatology patients

The physiotherapy department accepts referrals from the visiting consultant and provides braces and supports as indicated and offers further treatment if required.

Pulmonary rehabilitation programme

The pulmonary rehabilitation programme is available to all adults in the local area with a diagnosis of COPD/ chronic lung disease.

It is run by the physiotherapist and respiratory nurse specialist.

The aim of the pulmonary rehabilitation programme is to restore the patient to the highest possible level of independent function. This is accomplished by helping participants become more physically active, by learning more about their disease and treatment options and teaching them how to manage their symptoms.

Referrals to the pulmonary rehabilitation programme are accepted from Hospital Consultants in the Mid West. All referrals are screened and approved by the consultant respiratory physician in the Mid West.

Outpatient physiotherapy

We have a thriving outpatient department treating patients who reside in North Tipperary and parts of neighbouring counties.We accept and treat all clients referred by consultants from all the local hospitals and specialities and from consultants further afield when the client lives locally. We also accept referrals from the Local Injury Unit and share the care of clients referred from local GPs with our colleagues in Primary Care.

Referred conditions include acute orthopaedics, musculoskeletal conditions, neurology, mobility assessments and rheumatology.

We also offer specialist women’s and men’s health treatment to clients suffering from pelvic floor problems.  

Antenatal service

The physiotherapy department accepts referrals from GPs and consultants for clients experiencing pain or mobility issues during and after pregnancy.

We also provide education sessions to the Early Bird and standard antenatal classes run locally. These sessions cover pain relief, positioning, birthing plan, etc.

Manual Handling training

The physiotherapy department coordinates the manual handling training for all staff in the hospital.

Falls Prevention outpatient programme

A Falls Prevention programme is run in conjunction with our colleagues in North Tipperary PCCC (Primary Community and Continuing Care). The aim of the 8-week exercise and education sessions is to reduce the number of falls in the community and therebyreduce the number of hospital admissions resulting from falls.