Information for Visitors: Nenagh Hospital

When can I visit?

Nenagh Hospital welcomes visitors. Visiting time is regarded as an important part of the patient's day.

Visiting is permitted at the following times in the general ward areas:

  • 14.00hrs - 16.00hrs
  • 18.00hrs - 21.00hrs

Recommended visiting time is twenty minutes per patient, no more than two persons should visit a patient at any one time.

Children under 12 years are not permitted to visit unless visiting a Parent/Guardian/ Brother or Sister. All children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

Car parking

Car parking facilities are available throughout the UL Hospitals with designated Disabled Driver parking facilities.


Smoking is increasingly acknowledged as a major cause of ill health and premature mortality.

In order to provide a safe environment for patients and staff this hospital is a NON-SMOKING CAMPUS. Smoking is forbidden and this policy is strictly enforced.

Your co-operation with this policy is requested.

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