Department of Medicine for the Elderly


About Us

The Department of Geriatric Medicine provides a multi-disciplinary approach to all aspects of patient care including acute in-patient care, outpatient services and inpatient rehabilitation across multiple sites.

In-patient acute care for older patients are provided for those who have multiple and complex medical problems, including falls, immobility and confusion. It provides rehabilitation for those patients whose illness leads to functional deterioration with the goal of achieving independent living at home again.

Our Team

  • Professor Declan Lyons: Consultant in Geriatric Medicine
  • Dr. Catherine Peters: Consultant in Geriatric Medicine
  • Dr. Margaret O'Connor: Consultant in Geriatric Medicine
  • Dr. Christine O'Malley: Consultant in Geriatric Medicine (Nenagh Hospital)
  • Dr. Mary Boland: Consultant in Geriatric Medicine (Ennis Hospital)
  • Ms. Christine Sheehy, CNS Functional Gerontology, Clinical Age Assessment Unit
  • Ms. Aine Costelloe CNM Clinical Age Assessment Unit
  • Ms. Sheila Carew, CNS Syncope and Research, Clinical Age Assessment Unit

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Our Services

University Hospital Limerick

The Clinical Age Assessment Unit is the diagnostic unit of the department incorporating:

  • Blood Pressure Unit
  • Syncope/Falls Unit
  • DEXA Unit

Outpatients Clinics

Primary and Community Care

We work with our primary care colleagues to promote healthy ageing in the community.

Rehabilitation Services

There are 3 “off-site” rehabilitation units serving Limerick City and East County (St. Camillus’ Hospital, Limerick), West Limerick (St. Ita’s Hospital, Newcastlewest) and North Tipperary (Hospital of the Assumption, Thurles).

St. Camillus' Hospital
  • General Rehabilitation 16 beds
  • Stroke Rehabilitation    6 beds
St. Ita's Hospital
  • General Rehabilitation 14 beds
Hospital of the Assumption
  • General Rehabilitation 11 beds

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Research Overview

The Departments research Interests are in the areas of:

Vascular Biology

  • Hypertension
  • Syncope
  • Stroke
    -Functional Outcome
    -Secondary Prevention

Pharmacology of Ageing

  • Vascular Homeostasis, RAS Autonomic Function, Nitric Oxide Biology
  • Mechanisms of pain

Bone Health

  • Pharmacotherapy
  • DEXA
  • New diagnostics