Department of Haematology: University Hospital Limerick

About Us

The unit provides a comprehensive service for haematology patients.  We diagnose and treat blood diseases, including malignancies, bleeding and thrombotic disorders, anaemias, haemoglobinopathies and haemolytic disorders.

The unit provides shared care for patients requiring stem cell transplantation at the national stem cell transplantation centre in St James’s Hospital, Dublin, which specialises in autologous, sibling and unrelated allogeneic procedures for disorders, including acute and chronic leukemia, myeloma and lymphoma.

Outpatient Clinic Times

Appointment Instructions

When a new outpatient appointment is made, the patient will be contacted with an appointment letter outlining the date, time and location of the appointment.   All patients receive a reminder of their appointment by text message, if a mobile number has been provided.

If an urgent appointment is necessary, the patient will be contacted by phone by one of the liaison team.

All return appointments are made at reception before the patient leaves the clinic.  Rescheduled or cancelled appointments can be arranged by phoning the Centre or the relevant secretary.

Referral Procedures

New referrals for Haematology clinics are accepted from internal referrals at University Hospital Limerick, GPs, regional and national centres.

Contact Details

  • Haematology/Oncology Day Ward -061 482301
  • Ward 4b - 061 482026
  • Dr. O Keeffe Secretary - 061 482642
  • Dr. O’ Leary Secretary - 061 482036
  • Dr. Leahy Secretary - 061 482618
  • Dr Ruth Clifford Secretary - 061 588320
  • Haematology Nurse Specialists - 061482064, Bleep: 131
  • Haematology Oncology Clinic Room - 061482971
  • Warfarin CNMII061 - 061 482270, Bleep 180

Laboratory Numbers:

  • Haematology: 061 482258
  • Coagulation: 061 482851
  • Flow Cytometry: 061 482849
  • Medical Scientist: 061 482258
  • Warfin Clinic: 061-482770, Bleep 180