General Centre Information

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The Cancer Centre was completed in 2002 following the development of Cancer Services in the Mid-Western Health Board. The centre comprises of an oncology and haematology day ward, an outpatient clinic area and also accommodates members of the team that may be involved in your care.


Secure parking is available for patients which is adjacent to the Cancer Centre. The car park has camera surveillance and can be accessed by a control outside the barrier.

Smoking is strictly forbidden

Is strictly forbidden. University Hospital Limerick is a smoke-free campus

Light Refreshments

Light refreshments are available through vending machines in the reception area.

If you are receiving treatment you will be offered tea, coffee, juices, a light meal or sandwiches.

Public and Mobile Telephones

Public telephones are available throughout the centre. The use of mobile telephones is strictly prohibited outside of the designated areas.

Information from your Healthcare Team

Information leaflets, advice sheets and books will be provided as well as advice on recommended web-sites. If you have any concerns do not hesitate to discuss them with members of the team.


Other Services

With the continuing development of Cancer Services in the HSE Mid-Western Area, new services in addition to those currently offered will be available in the near future.

Complementary therapies are the first of these to be offered and information on this service is available from Reception in the Cancer Centre.

Patient education programmes and their dates will be advertised in the Cancer Centre and Support and Information Centre.