Stoma Care Department

About Us

The stoma care department is staffed by a full and part time stoma care nurse.

The hours of service are between 8am-4pm Monday to Friday.

The stoma care department plays a vital role in supporting individuals who undergo stoma formation surgery or who have fistula. This involves providing support and information before and after surgery.

Central to the role of stoma care nurse is fostering empowerment in clients so that they can live a full, active and independent life.

The role of a stoma nurse involves reviewing individuals before surgery and providing reassurance and information about life with a stoma. In the post operative period this involves providing practical education sessions to patients ensuring that they are independent with stoma care before leaving hospital.

After discharge we continue to act as a support resource for clients, families and carers. Clients are encouraged to contact the stoma department if they experience any difficulty with their stoma.

The stoma department also acts as a resource for the Mid-Western regional hospital, local hospitals, nursing homes and the general community.

The stoma care service aims to provide a friendly, accessible and professional service to clients so that they feel encouraged to use the service as needed.

Contact Details

Stoma Care Department
University Hospital Limerick

061 482348
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