Department of Respiratory Medicine: University Hospital Limerick

About Us

In the Respiratory Medicine Department at the University Hospital Limerick a multidisciplinary team of health professionals provide a number of services for different conditions, including but not limited to asthma, chronic bronchitis (COPD) respiratory infections including tuberculosis, interstitial lung disease, occupational lung disease, pulmonary vascular disease, sleep related breathing disorders, and chronic respiratory failure. We provide a xolair clinic weekly.

Respiratory medicine has a broad range of conditions and many types of tests are used to understand and diagnose these conditions such as breathing tests -pulmonary function tests, x-rays, CT scans and bronchoscope (a fibrotic view of the airways). Patients who snore or stop breathing at night are also treated by respiratory doctors. Patients attending for investigation of Sleep Apnoea (Sleep Disorders) have initial tests performed in the Pulmonary Function Laboratory by the Respiratory Technicians.

Our Team

  • Dr. Aidan O’ Brien
  • Dr. Brian Casserly
  • Dr. Eithne Mulloy
  • Secretary Numbers:
    Tel: 061 585661 / 061 482070 (Dr. Aidan O’ Brien and Dr. Brian Casserly)
    Tel: 061 462205   (Dr. Eithne Mulloy)

Respiratory Medicine Services

Respiratory Nurse Specialists Service

The respiratory nurse specialist (RNS) provides clinical expertise and specialist nursing services to respiratory patients and their families. The aim of the respiratory nurse specialist's role is to provide direct care for respiratory patients through a process of assessment, planning and a tailored education programme. The emphasis is on, empowering persons with respiratory disease to develop self-management skills whilst offering an ongoing supportive advisory service. The service offers fair and equitable access to quality respiratory nursing care that is patient centred, responsive to identified needs, and wholly accountable.

COPD Outreach Service

Dr O Brien and Dr Casserly run a COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) Service. Patients admitted with COPD are discharged home under the care of the outreach physiotherapist and outreach CNS for up to two weeks. This enables their chronic disease to be managed at home. These patients are followed up on a regular basis in both the outpatient department and in their own home.

Follow up at home for a selected group of patients with chronic respiratory disease after admission with COPD Exacerbations. Includes early discharge, assisted discharge and admission avoidance.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

We also provide a Pulmonary Rehab Service. This is an eight week programme for respiratory patients who incorporate both education and exercise. Patients are accessed and if eligible they are enrolled on the programme. This programme is enabled with the help of the multidisciplinary team. The patients are reaccessed again at the end of the programme at a 6 and 12 month interval.

Programme of exercise and education for patients who experience breathlessness arising out of a respiratory problem. Held twice a week on an 8 week rolling basis.

Outpatient Clinic Times

Referral Procedures:

New referrals for the Respiratory Medicine Department are accepted from internal referrals at University Hospital Limerick, Gps, Regional and National Centers.

Appointment Procedures

When a new Outpatient appointment is made, the patient will be contacted with an appointment letter outlining the date, time and location of appointment. All patients receive a reminder of their appointment by text message, if a mobile number has been provided. All return appointments are made at reception before the patient leaves the clinic.  Rescheduled or cancelled appointments can be arranged by phoning the Centre or the relevant secretary.

Contact Details

  • Respiratory Nurse Specialist – Paula Ryan bleep 450
  • Pulmonary Function Laboratory – 061482150
  • Smoking Cessation Officer- 061482729
  • COPD Outreach Physiotherapist- Niamh Julian- 086 8569523
  • COPD Outreach CNS- Maria Cullinan- 086 0401219