Adult Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a multisystem disease that requires a holistic approach to care by a multidisciplinary team of CF professionals.

The aims of CF care are to;

  • Prevent chronic infection.
  • Minimise deterioration.
  • Maintain independence.
  • Optimise quality of life.
  • Maximise life expectancy.

It is internationally recognized that specialized CF centres provide the optimum approach to CF care and UHL is a designated CF centre for the provision of services to Adult patients.

The management of CF has shown marked improvement during the last two decades and consequently the majority of affected individuals are now surviving well into adulthood. Attention to detail in day to day management, the evaluation and introduction of more effective treatment regimes and the specialist knowledge of professionals working in CF make a significant contribution to increasing survival rates.

Owing to the complexities of CF it is often necessary to involve other specialist health professionals to manage a range of disorders that CF can present with. This is often viewed as the second tier of the MDT, access to these to these team members is by referral only. It is a combination of the primary and secondary MDT’s working together collectively that ensures the Adult patient with CF receives the best care.

Outpatient Clinic Times

Adult CF Team members

  • Dr Brian Casserly, Consultant Respiratory Consultant
  • Ms Peig Harnett, Clinical Nurse Specialist.
  • Ms Donna Daly, Senior Dietician.
  • Ms Louise Galvin, Physiotherapist.
  • Ms Lindsey Mallon, Social Worker.