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GP Referrals

Referrals are made by completing the standardized referral proforma. Completed referrals should be posted or faxed to the Breast Care Department.

Our Breast Fax number fax no is 061-482572


New patients requiring appointments must submit a referral from their GP/Consultant. New referrals are triaged by The Breast Consultant twice weekly and urgent referrals are seen within 10 working days. Patients will be notified of their appointment date by post or telephone. Patients are requested to notify the relevant secretary as soon as possible in advance if you are unable to keep an appointment.

Return appointments can be made at the time of attendance at clinic or by calling the relevant Consultant secretary.

Patients who experience symptoms or changes in their breast health should visit their GP immediately.  Referrals made to the Regional Symptomatic Breast Unit by a referring doctor are graded and triaged by the Consultant Breast Surgeons.  The Consultant then decides on the management of the patient and provides the patient with an out-patient appointment at the Breast Clinic in Suite 4, University Hospital Limerick.  Any necessary imaging such as mammography and ultrasound can be provided on-site and is managed by the Consultant Breast Radiologist.  Breast patients are cared for and supported by our Breast Care Nurses throughout the patient journey.