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The Symptomatic Breast Unit is situated at the rear of the Hospital- Suite 4.

Car Parking: There is fee paying car parking facilities at the front and rear of the hospital.

What Happens When You Arrive

How do clinics work at the Breast Clinic?

At your first visit to the Breast Clinic, you may be required to be at the clinic for 1-2 hrs. The length of time will vary depending on your own situation; however, we ask that you be patient because delays sometimes occur.

Our Breast Clinic is based on Triple Assessment but not every patient will require xrays scans or biopsies.

The Triple Assessment clinic is held 2 mornings a week.

The following details are provided so that you know what to expect during the visit.

What happens at my first visit?

It is useful to have a support person with you during consultations.

  • When you are called to the consultation room, a doctor will take your medical history and perform a breast examination. This is the first part of Triple Assessment.
  • If your doctor feels you need further mammography or ultrasound or a breast Biopsy this may be performed while you are waiting. (Parts two and three of Triple Assessment)
  • Your x-ray films will also be examined, and the best care plan for your situation will be developed based on latest evidence and research.
  • The provisional radiological results will then be available to the doctor later that same day
  • You will be asked to return to the consultation room where a member of your team will speak to you about any further tests and procedures that you need.
  • You may be discharged to your GP or to a follow up consultation depending on your results
  • Please return to the reception desk before you leave so that any further appointments can be made for you.
  • If surgery is required, you will receive a detailed explanation and treatment plan from the Surgeon and The Breast care nurse and  you may be given an operation date.
  • The Breast Clinic participates in a number of clinical trials and research projects. You may be asked by the doctor if you would like to participate.

From left to right, Ms. Laura O Donoghue CNM1 Breast Services, Mags Sullivan and Michelle Walsh, Breast Nurse

From left to right, Ms. Laura O Donoghue CNM1 Breast Services, Mags Sullivan and Michelle Walsh, Breast Nurse