Department of Dietetics

Service provision

Clinical Dietitians at the University Hospital , Limerick assess the nutritional status of patients, determine individual nutritional requirements and formulate a plan of care to meet these nutritional requirements. Education is provided for patients and carers on nutrition support and/or special dietary interventions appropriate to their plan of care.

How do I see a Dietician

The Department of Clinical Nutriton & Dietetics accepts referrals for patients who are currently under the care of a consultant in UL Hospitals. We do not accept referrals directly from general practitioners (GPs). If you are not under the care of a consultant and would like to access Clinical Nutrition & Dietetic services, contact your GP and ask about Community Dietetic Services.


Inpatient Services

Inpatient services are provided Monday to Friday.

If an inpatient requires assessment by a dietitian, a dietetic referral card must be completed and signed by the referring medical team. The ward dietitian will carry out an individual assessment and devise an appropriate diet. On discharge a nutritional care plan and /or a follow up appointment in outpatients may be provided if appropriate.

Outpatient services

Patients are seen by appointment only. If an outpatient appointment with a dietitian is required, a signed referral form from a consultant (or member the medical team) must be sent to our department. An appointment letter stating the date and time of the scheduled appointment will be sent by post to the patient. If the date or time is not convenient it is important that the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics is contacted to rearrange a more suitable time /date. Most new appointments are for 30 minutes and review appointment 15-20 minutes.

Please contact the department (061 482433) if you will not be able to keep your appointment. It is important to give us at least 24 hours notice so that we may offer the appointment to someone else. If you cancel two appointments without giving sufficient notice or do not attend for two appointments without giving us advance notice, you will be discharged.

Home enteral feeding

Enteral feeding is considered for patients who are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition due to an inadequate or unsafe oral intake. (Nice Guideline 2006). It is usually commenced in hospital and may often be required to continue in the community.

Patients on Home Enteral Feeding (HEF) in the Limerick area are supported by the community nutrition and dietetic service. The service provided includes telephone support, home visits and gastrostomy tube replacement in the home. Ongoing support and training is offered to families and nursing staff to facilitate changing the feeding tubes. The feeds are reviewed regularly by the community dietitian. Patient details are received from the hospital dietitian on discharge. All other patients in the region on HEF, who were under the care of a dietitian in the UL hospital will be reviewed as requested by the hospital based dietitian. Contact details will be provided to the patient / carer on discharge

How to find the Department of Dietetics

Our outpatient offices are located in Outpatients 3.

  • Enter the hospital through the Outpatients Department, turn right and go to the end of the long corridor.
  • At the end of the corridor turn right and go through 2 sets of double doors.
  • The dietitans office is straight ahead. It is to the right of the paediatric clinic and within the same unit as the diabetes department.

Service hours

Dietitians are available between 8.00 and 16.00

Department Contact Details

  • Main department : 061 482433 (Direct line/voice-mail)
    NOTE: If you are leaving a message please leave your name, your contact details and the date and time of the message.
  • Dietitian Manager: Ms. Sheila Bowers 061 482566
  • Department Fax : 061 482739