Occupational Therapy Service for patients with stroke

The Occupational Therapist at University Hospital Limerick provides services to patients with stroke.A stroke may affect people in different ways depending on the area of the brain involved. It can affect you not just physically but also your speech, your concentration, your ability to judge or reason things, or it may affect the way you make sense of the information you receive from your senses.

The Occupational Therapist works to help you become as independent as possible in your activities of daily life, leisure activities, working, driving and socializing to the best level possible.

Occupational therapists assess the impact of changes in motor function, sensation, coordination, visual perception, and cognition on your capacity to manage daily life tasks. Intervention improves participation in meaningful activities, minimises problems and secondary complications and provides education and support to the patient and caregivers. Occupational therapists' focus on independence and function, individual goal-setting, and their specialist skills in task adaptation and environmental modification underpin their contribution to the multidisciplinary stroke team.

Contact details are as follows:

  • Deirdre Devers, Senior Occupational Therapist for Stroke
  • Phone: (061) 585678
  • Email: deirdre.devers@hse.ie