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Department of General Surgery: UL Hospitals

University Hospital Limerick, Ennis General, Nenagh General, St John's Hospital

About the Department of General Surgery

The department of General Surgery within the UL Hospital group is comprised of 12 general surgeons who all provide emergency and elective surgical services for general surgery and its subspecialties.  This department was formed following the transfer of all emergency surgery and major surgery from Ennis Nenagh and St Johns (JEN) into University Hospital Limerick at Dooradoyle.  Now , all Emergency surgery, and major elective Vascular Surgery and other selected elective surgery in high risk patients is carried out exclusively in University Hospital Limerick at Dooradoyle.

The department of Surgery at University Hospital Limerick is working in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons and the HSE to implement the Acute Surgical Program which has recommended  many of the innovations started in Limerick such as the Surgical Assessment Unit and  “Surgeon of the Week” model as part of its programme.  Other recommendations of the Surgical Program such as the establishment of  Pre-0perative assessment pathways and Day of  Surgery Admissions (DOSA) have all been implemented throughout the UL hospital Group, and are all helping to make more beds available for planned elective surgery against a background of huge demand for inpatient beds in a financially constrained environment.

Our Team

General Surgeons in the UL hospital Group provide emergency and elective surgery service in addition to their subspecialty interest.

  • Mr Paul Burke, General/Vascular  
  • Mr Eamonn Kavanagh, General/Vascular,
  • Mr David Waldron, General / Colorectal
  • Mr Eoghan Condon, General/Colorectal
  • Prof Calvin Coffey, General/Colorectal
  • Miss Anne Merrigan, General/Breast
  • Miss Shona Tormey, General/Breast
  • Mr Ash Lal, General/Breast/Melanoma
  • Mr Altaf Naqvi, General Surgery
  • Mr Nisar Ali,  General Surgery
  • Mr .Obai Elsamzami,  General Surgery
  • Mr. Suhail Khan,  General Surgery
  • Mr Gerry Byrnes, General Surgery

Elective General Surgery;

The subspecialties within general surgery that are provided at University Hospital Limerick are Gastrointestinal/Colorectal surgery, Breast/Oncoplasty/Melanoma surgery and Vascular Surgery.  University Hospital Limerick is a designated cancer centre for Colorectal and Breast Surgery under the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP).    It is also the Regional Vascular Surgery unit for the Mid West region providing a 24 hour emergency vascular service (see sections on webpage for details of  Vascular Colorectal and Breast services).  Upper GI and hepatobiliary malignancies are fully evaluated and triaged in University Hospital Limerick before being referred to one of the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) centres for these conditions

All the general surgeons with their subspecialty interests, also look after the common general surgical conditions such as gall bladders, hernias, skin lesions etc which do not come under any of the designated subspecialties mentioned.  Most of the less complex routine general surgery is now performed on a day case basis at Ennis and Nenagh General Hospitals and at St Johns Hospital in Limerick where overnight stay cases ( eg Gallbladders and complex hernias ) are also accommodated.  The use of these hospitals for elective procedures allows for the efficient planning of surgery in these hospitals without cancellations.  This has lead to this being a much more pleasant experience for patients managed in this way. 

Emergency General Surgery:

UniversityHospital Limerick is one of the busiest level 4 emergency surgical Hospitals in the Republic of Ireland as it serves a population of 380,000 people across three counties, on a continual basis, with no backup from any smaller – level 3 – hospital, or private hospital, in the region.  The hospital deals with an average of 14 acute general surgical admissions each day.  Orthopaedics, Urology, ENT, and Ophthalmology also admitting large numbers of  emergencies on a daily basis.

The different subspecialty general surgeons are all involved in providing the 24 hour emergency general surgical service for the entire UL Hospital Group.  These 12 surgeons work in three teams of  4, each based on their subspecialty interest. 

  1. The Green Team is GI/Colorectal, and comprises Consultants, Waldron, Condon, Coffey, and two general surgeons, Mr Khan (Locum to Mr Mahmood) and Mr Gerry Byrnes (Locum to Mr Ralph Keane who has retired). 
  2. The Red Team is Vascular/General and comprises Consultants  Burke, Kavanagh, Naqvi, Elzamzami.
  3. The Pink Team is Breast/General and comprises consultants Merrigan, Tormey, Lal, Naqvi (permanent General surgeon covering both teams!)

How does the Emergency Service Work?

Each week, one surgeon from one of the three teams is the designated “Surgeon of the Week”, and that particular consultant cancels all his or her elective surgical commitment to be available each day to deal with acute emergencies as they present to the hospital.  University Hospital Limerick has a dedicated emergency theatre each day which allows the Surgeon of the Week and his team to deal with surgical emergencies as quickly as possible as they present at the hospital.  The surgical emergencies are referred to the hospital either through the Emergency department for more often now through the Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU), which accepts acute referrals directly from both the GPs and the Minor Injuries Units at the three smaller hospitals (JEN).  Those patients referred directly to the SAU are seem immediately by a member of the Surgical Team, thus speeding up the processing of these patients and reducing the workload for the Emergency department.

Out patient clinics

The clinics provided by these surgeons are outlined below.  This should show all the clinics for each consultant either by consultant, or Hospital