UL Hospitals Group Statement on NCHDs

Each year, UL Hospitals Group welcomes medical interns to the Group as part of their on-going training and we greatly value the hard work done by all of our highly skilled NCHDs.

In order to deliver patient care across all our sites, a certain number of overtime hours are agreed in advance between NCHDs and their Consultant and these are worked as part of their rostering and paid as rostered over-time. 

On occasion there is a requirement for NCHDs to work unrostered over-time in agreement with their line manager.   Over the last number of years, UL Hospitals Group has sought to reduce the amount of unrostered overtime worked by NCHDs to ensure they have access to their required training, to comply with the European Working Time Directive and to manage the overtime budget.

To reduce the requirement for unrostered overtime, UL Hospitals Group has increased the number of NCHDs employed by the Group over a number of years with an additional 16 NCHDs at SHO and Registrar level in July 2017 to support the medical service.

In July 2017 when the new Medical Interns (excludes Regs, SHOs & SpRs) commenced they were advised that they were not being approved for unrostered overtime as their weekly roster already included a number of rostered overtime hours.   This decision was taken by the management team at UL Hospitals Group.   A small number of Interns with approval from their line manager worked unrostered overtime and these claims are being processed for payment.

Between October and December 2017, €2.5 million has been paid to NCHDs for both rostered and unrostered overtime.  Any outstanding claims for unrostered overtime, where approved by line managers will be paid in the January pay periods.

UL Hospital Group will continue to have discussions with the IMO regarding this matter.