Nursing Vision for UL Hospitals

In Ireland as in comparable countries, rapid and profound changes in demography, in the patterns of disease, in the use of technology and in societal expectations mean that as health providers, we have been obliged to radically reorganise the way in which we work to ensure best outcomes for all our service users.  Acute hospitals, and particularly those clustered in a single geographical areas, have had to work together to extend their range of services and to maximise their efficiency.  This notion formed the basis for the 2013 Higgins’ Report which brought together the six public hospitals in the Mid-West region under the UL Hospitals umbrella. 

Ms. Noreen Spillane was appointed as the Chief Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Clinical Operations. In this new role she provides nursing governance to the six sites within the single hospital system. Noreen and her team  are continuing to provide strong strategic, professional and clinical leadership for all aspects of nursing, midwifery and support staff thus creating an atmosphere and culture where excellence can continue to flourish within nursing thus providing well governed, safe, efficient & high-quality healthcare service for all our patients . The focus of all grades of nurses, midwives & Health care Assistants is on improving the patient experience and quality of care through strong multidisciplinary collaboration. 

The Governance structure for UL Hospitals includes one Executive Management Team and four Clinical Directorates. The Chief Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Clinical Operations is a member of the Executive Management Team & provides assurance to the Board that nursing/midwifery and support staff at each level of the organisation carry out their responsibilities in accordance with defined authority & responsibility by working within their scope of practice.

A nursing strategy has been developed for nursing & midwifery for the acute hospital services in ULHs for the next three years. The strategy provides a framework and shared vision for nurses & midwives and is built to reflect the changing structures as we move from six individual hospitals into a single hospital unit across six sites.