Resource Pack: UL Hospitals Staff Information

The Employee Resource Pack is designed to assist with the induction process and comprises the following 3 documents:

Employee Handbook

The purpose of the handbook is to outline for you the structures of the HSE, to guide you on our employment policies, learning and development opportunities and to help you to understand what we expect from you and what you can expect from the HSE. Click here to read more.

Induction Guidelines

These guidelines provide the employer and the employee with detailed and relevant information on the Induction process. Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. Timeframes for the completion of each stage of induction are set out in the supporting documentation. Click here to read more.

Induction Checklists

These have been designed for all stages of the Induction process. They are designed to give employees and their Line Managers a guide to a logical and comprehensive procedure. The checklists also provide the employer with a record of the employee's induction. Click here to read more.

Relevant Documents