QMIS: Quality Management Information System.

Commonly referred to as QPULSE, QMIS is the hospital's Quality Management Information System.

Policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines are managed using the system.

Policies are prepared in draft, circulated to key stakeholders "approvers", and signed into effect following approval. They are then activated and become live documents.

Passwords for the system may be obtained by logging a helpdesk call.

Instruction for logging on and accessing Documents via Q pulse at ward level

  1. Access to Q Pulse on the wards/depts for general access
    Click on Q-Pulse 5 logo on desktop. Database defaults to ISSACUTE.
  2. Log in User Name and Password
    - If you do not have it to hand you may:
  3. Log in the User Name using PC Number@hse.ie e.g. 12345@hse.ie
    (note PC number is the helpdesk number on the blue sticker on the computer)
  4. Password will be qpulse@PC Number i.e. qpulse@12345 (all lower case).
    If you have any difficulty logging in log it with the IT helpdesk or contact your haemovigilance officer/ Louise Reid/Annette Cotter.
  5. Once you log in the Q-pulse 'Launch-pad 'shown below appears. This Launch -pad is the introductory screen to Q Pulse.

How to search for a document

  • Click on Documents
  • Ensure that you are on the active register
  • Type "suitable search word" into the 'Keywords' box.
  • Click this blue 'Search' or return
  • All procedures/guidelines matching the keyword will appear in the Document Control Register on the right hand side.
  • Click on the title of the document (in blue) to open it

Access to Q Pulse on the wards for CNM/CMMs (who are required to acknowledge documents)

  • Click on Q-Pulse 5 logo on desktop. Database defaults to ISSACUTE.
  • User Name = HSE email address
  • Password = 1111 (Default PIN)

How to acknowledge a document applies to managers

Managers are required to read and acknowledge documents and to communicate the presence of the new document to ward staff in their area.
Any changes to a previous edition of the document will be listed in the document revision history at the start of the document.

  • Click on Documents
  • If "To acknowledge" appears in the top left hand corner, double click on it to find the documents to be acknowledged.
    Double click on the title of the procedure (in blue) to open it
  • Right click on the mouse and this gives you the option of acknowledging the document

How to raise a change request

If you think that a document requires a change you can suggest a change by raising a change request.

  • Place the mouse over the title of the document (in blue) and right click the mouse.
  • Scroll down and double click on Add Change Request
  • Type you comment/change in the Details box and select OK

The document owner will review the suggested change