Seveso III - Public Consultation

Under the Chemicals Act (Control of Major Accident Hazards involving Dangerous Substances) Regulations 2015 (S. I. No. 209 of 2015), the Health Service Executive, An Gárda Síochána and the relevant Local Authority or Local Authorities are each designated (by the appropriate Minister of Government) under the Irish regulations as a Local Competent Authority (LCA). The three agencies are charged with developing External Emergency Plans (EEPs) for establishments covered by the act. The Health & Safety Authority is the nominated Central Competent Authority for Ireland and, as such is charged with the enforcement of the regulations. The EEPs are designed to mitigate the effects to the surrounding area of an accident occurring at any of these establishments as part of the planning process, it is incumbent on the three LCAs to consult within the public in regards to the development of the EEPs. 

The HSE is a local competent authority under SI209 of 2015 (Seveso Regulations) and is required to facilitate public consultation in relation to Upper Tier Seveso sites.

This component of the Emergency Management website has been designed to fulfil this public consultation requirement regardless of location within the state and will be posted here for a defined period of time. 

Under the regulations, members of the public may review External Emergency Plans, an abridged version of the plan(s) can be sighted at the locations indicated on the individual site notifications between the date and times stated. All comments and inquiries will be recorded and responded to by the relevant Local Competent Authority. Once the consultation period has expired, the External Emergency Plan will be removed from the site. 

Read details of the External Emergency Plans for public consultation taking place in accordance with Section 16 (6) of S.I. no 209 of 2015.

The Health and Safety Authority of Ireland is responsible for identifying Upper and Lower tier Seveso sites in Ireland. Find up-to-date information on Seveso sites nationally.