Crèche Inspection Reports

HSE Early Years Inspection Reports

The HSE has begun the process of publishing the retrospective Inspection Reports on Early Years Services. You can visit the website for a list of service providers, inspection reports, and the associated correspondence. The HSE will continue to update this list in the coming weeks and months. All new inspections conducted from the 1st July 2013 will be published on the website upon completion.

From July 10th Inspection reports undertaken before July 1st 2013 will be published online. This will start with reports from 50 services in the Limerick area. These reports are the most recent Inspection reports for those providers. Where available the providers' responses will also be online. The HSE are starting with Limerick, after that reports will be published on a county-by-county basis.

These reports will be published over the coming months and should parents or members of the public wish to have a copy of a report prior to it being available online they should ask their provider or contact the HSE's Early Years / Pre-School Inspectors.

How to access reports on

  1. Use this link to go to the Pobal Website
  2. You will find a link to the list of Service Providers who have been inspected and whose reports and correspondence is published online. You will also find instructions on how to find and view reports and correspondence.
  3. If you wish to view a particular report click on the “Pobal Maps” link under “Useful Links” on the right side of the webpage.
  4. This opens a new Webpage view on your computer on the Pobal Maps site.
    NOTE If you do not have the Silverlight free software installed on your computer you will be directed to the Microsoft website to download the software and install it free of charge. Please note that users based in some corporate environments may not be able to install software on their computers due to internal ICT security policies and will require their ICT administrators to do this for them.
  5. Once the Pobal Maps page has opened click on the branded HSE Reports button in the menu bar at the top of the webpage.
  6. This will open a window where the user can select first the county the service is in and then the name of the service, which is presented alphabetically.
  7. The details of the service and a map showing its location will be displayed.
  8. If an inspection report has been published on this service, it will contain a link on the left side of the service details window.
  9. Click this link to open the report.


HSE Pre-School Inspection Service

For information on the types of child care services available, lists of child care services nationwide, how to contact your pre-school inspection officer and more see our Pre-school Inspection Services section on this website.