Changing Staff Roles and Skill Mix

Access Service - National Learning Network

The NLN Access Service is a rehabilitative training service based in Ballyfermot and has 24 learners and 2.5 staff.  Under New Directions, the programme was reconfigured from a structured centre based type programme to a flexible support service upholding the principles of Person Centeredness and enhanced community inclusion.  The reconfiguration included the introduction of PCP, changing of staff roles from instructor to key worker, individual timetables and communities, parental involvement and outreach support.  The practical steps taken and the challenges encountered in these areas are outlined in the presentation as are the changes experienced by both Service User and Service Provider.

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Real Life Training - WALK

WALK's Real Life Training programme is an innovative four year training programme that supports school leavers to explore possibilities and meet objectives in relation to paid employment, accessing mainstream further education and training as well as exploring and developing personal interests and passions.

The Real Life Training programme supports individuals to build sustainable networks of support so that they are fully embedded in their local community which is in keeping with New Directions' vision of ambitious change for services "that will depend on and benefit from an acceleration of the policy of mainstreaming that is a core part of the National Disability Strategy".

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Quantum LEAP - Enable Ireland

The Enable Ireland Quantum LEAP programme is designed for individuals who have completed the LEAP Rehabilitative Training.  The aim of this Quantum LEAP is to support participants to transition from a group-based educational setting to where each individual designs their own programme availing of all aspects of their service. 

Participants are facilitated to take a journey of self-exploration by examining their own personality traits and behavioural tendencies in order to develop skills in self-determination, decision making and to challenge perceptions that may be preventing them from reaching their goals.  Key elements within the programme are the use of Life Coaching techniques and the Enneagram personality system.

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