Developing a Service Location

Primrose Hill, Claremorris - Western Care Association

Developing a Hub was based on Individual's priorities as identified in their Individual Plans to be connected to their local community, as opposed to attending a large day centre some distance away and by the New Directions policy.

A planning group was established to look at developing a different model of service delivery, a proposal was developed, agreed and funding sourced.  Five people were identified to take part in the project.  A community mapping tool was used to help identify key areas/people in the community, initiating Community Connections.  The hub (Primrose Hill) is now very much part of the local community and continues to flourish and develop. 

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Think Local Act Personal - KARE

KARE established the Local Service model in 1996, supporting individuals with an intellectual disability in their own community to access further education, paid employment and recreational activities.  Prompted by New Directions, The Think Local Act Personal Project commenced in Naas in 2013, supporting 9 individuals who live in two community houses.  These individuals previously accessed local day services.  The project looked to further develop how to support individuals to live a self-directed life with self-determination, family involvement, support and active citizenship at its core.  The project included building community links, changing staff roles, the staff skill mix and devising more flexible and responsive supports.

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